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Sleep product recommendation system

Selfa is a brand new patented sleep product recommendation system jointly developed by Irish Gabriel Scientific, a global famous sleep lab and Somnopro Group, a Chinese expert in deep sleep.

Standing test scheme

Selfa vertical sleep product recommendation system has an outstanding appearance. The brand new test scheme enables the examinees to more correctly measure their figure and pressure distribution without lying flat. Through professional analysis, it can provide consumers with most appropriate sleep schemes (with mattress and pillows).

based on the more than 20-years' experience in R&D, the Selfa standing sleep products recommendation system developed by Selfa R&D team is designed 10 degrees & deg; perpendicular to the ground, which can measure the pressure closest to that in lying position.  

Selfa sleep products recommendation system can analyze the tester's body type, body weight distribution and other core data according to the shape data of tester on force sensing surface; Combined with the new sleep products system (mattress and pillow), the system can provide the tester with the sleep products suitable for his/her own body type based on the system data analysis and scientific theory, thus reducing the selection time for mattress and pillow and ensuring the health of tester.  

Selfa this software of sleep products recommendation system can be installed in mainstream terminals, including panel computer and smartphone or used in web, providing a convenience for different using place. The user can also keep his/her own data on user side and find sleep products (mattress and pillow) suitable for himself/herself in differenct retail store around the country or the world.

beside providing a more scientific and convenient sleep solution, each hardware terminal of Selfa has data capture and data analysis function, which can transmit the data of terminal detector to the cloud database of Ireland Research Center and provide the reference base for R&D of sleep product of different countries and regions through calculating and analyzing the big data based on the different countries, regions and ages.

Deep sleep perception laboratory

IFeel lab is where basic data is collected and concepts of new products are born. Various data tests and special quality tests are conducted in the lab. The lab has various data test equipment and conducts tests based on the sleep research scheme to perfect the database of sleep and guarantee that the quality meets the latest national standard of mattress industry.

We have adopted the latest and most advanced test equipment. All equipment are manufactured strictly in accordance with national standards and have passed the metrological certification of a third party, guaranteeing the scientificity of data source.

The lab was officially put into use in 2013, conducted tests of mattress and materials, established and perfected the company's sensory sleep database, committed to the effective implementation of R&D and quality monitoring scheme.

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