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iFeel deep sleep sensory system

Somnopro Group cares about the sleep feelings of each consumer. The iFeel system developed by it condensed the most valuable research fruits of the group, with an aim to respond to each most direct and subtle physical feeling of you.

We have integrated the international leading technologies and materials and carried out innovation research and optimized design in accordance with the physical features and sleep requirements of Chinese consumers. For different feelings of each inch of your skin and the internal needs of your bones, iFeel system can provide a comprehensive and pertinent scheme for your healthy sleep.  


    Creating a comfort level most intimate with the skin in 37.2℃
    Skin is the first layer of sensory system of human body. The fluffy and soft texture of quality wool, the slow elastic care of high-density memory sponge... iComfort system integrates various skin-friendly materials to create the most delicate touch for the outer skin of human body and create a light and soft physical feeling for your sleep.
    It can support the 33 vertebra bones joint by joint
    Yearning for a partner you can feel intimate instantly? Needing thoughtful care? Just relax your spine bones thoroughly and comfort your body. Support system carries forward century-honored professional bearing technologies, complete with diversified technological innovation. It can provide individualistic bearing for different figures and different limb parts and best satisfy different requirements of each Chinese consumer on body bearing
    Offering you a burden-free healthy deep sleep space
    Only truly healthy sleep can make one feel worriless. iHealth system selects various natural materials and international cutting-edge technologies to create a burden-free sleep space for your body, and provide your body with all-round care.
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