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Casting Extraordinary, 2017 SOMNOPRO Group Autumn New Products Launching Conference started
PubDate:2018-01-23 author: admin

On August 8, the “Casting Extraordinary, 2017 SOMNOPRO Group Autumn New Products Launching Conference” was grandly initiated at Double Tree by Hilton Hotel in Guangzhou.

It is reported that Chen Zhenzhou, General Manager of SOMNOPRO Group, Ma Yong Lei, General Manager of SOMNOPRO North, Ye Yuxin, Vice President of Operations of SOMNOPRO, Cai Zhihui, Vice President of Sales of SOMNOPRO, Li Jinrong, Vice President of Production of SOMNOPRO and other SOMNOPRO Group’s executives, as well as Mr. Lu Jun, CEO of Guangzhou Shuike Internet Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Rong Zhuo, CEO of Guangzhou PinXiao Network Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Chen Zhuorong, CEO of Guangzhou Dianzhi Information Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Jin Jing, CEO of Micro-Smart Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Mr. Liu Shilin, CEO of Guangzhou Zaoshang Technology Co., Ltd., Ms. Shi Zhifang, CEO of INNOVSYS Service Co., Ltd., Mr. Cai Di, Vice President of Shanghai Le Rui Advertising Co., Ltd., and other collaboraters, as well as SOMNOPRO dealers and media guests from all over China attended the conference, witnessing the new journey of SOMNOPRO.


At the meeting, Mr. Chen Zhenzhou, General Manager of SOMNOPRO Group delivered a speech that began with the Army Parade on August 1, specifying that the future SOMNOPRO staff will follow the style of the armed forces to constantly progress. By continuous review, accumulation, and improvement, the Group shall create an excellent sales team that constantly march forward in the market with outstanding performance!

In the future, SOMNOPRO will vigorously launch the  SOMNOPRO+  strategy, leveraging the power of the Internet and the new economic development model to officially open a  SOMNOPRO+  smart home era. In the future development, the Group will take the  SOMNOPRO+  strategy as the guidance to burst forward, use new Internet technologies to expand new channels, and continuously make innovation and upgrades to home intelligence, so as to promote industry-wide development.

At the conference, SOMNOPRO also launched the brand's first electric sets of bed  Cloud Dream and the nw cellular net-structure mattress  Pressure Releif taking brand quality as a support point to leverage the luxury home market. At the same time, in conjunction with the smart health steward inwise, professional bedding protection brand Protect-A-Bed, the original home produts brand Mr. Z, the century Australian brand Tontine, and other brands to create a furniture feast featured by personality, comfort and smartness.


As we all know, with decades of economic growth and the massive accumulation of social wealth, the new middle class has been on the increase and the social spending power has risen dramatically. The new generation of consumers born in 1980s and 1990s pay more attention to comfort, and they are more willing to accept new things. As a result, the consumer demand is more and more diversified, the consumer structure continues to escalate, and the market of functional household products is continuously expanding. The two new products released by SOMNOPRO this time also marked the layout of SOMNOPRO in functional household products market.


At this meeting, Xiao Huabin, Director of Market of SOMNOPRO Group, gave a speech on the Group’s marketing idea in 2017. The promotion policy and other market policies exclusively formulated by SOMNOPRO have won high recognition of the guests. Afterwards, Director Xiao made a new product introduction speech, in which he introduced the advantages of the two new products in concise and vivid language, so that dealers were all full of confidence.

At the Conference, the invited guests also conducted a series of keynote speeches on micro-intelligent mattress and promotion policies, the introduction and demonstration of the sleep system functions, the introduction and demonstration of the store-smart system, etc., winning rounds of applause from the guests present, and showing the determination and confidence of SOMNOPRO towards a bright future.


At the end of the conference, all the guests moved to the product exhibition hall to visit the new products of SOMNOPRO for the autumn of 2017. After the visit, the dealers expressed their optimism about the sales prospects of the new products, signed orders at the scene. The satisfactory smile of the dealers and the numerous orders proved concluded the success of the conference.


In 1971, SOMNOPRO manufactured the first spring mattress of China, starting its brand journery towards deep sleep. After nearly half a century of unremitting exploration, the Group uses its large-scale, international and diversified management to focus on research and development of sleep-aid technology, and becomes a pioneer in the "wisdom deep sleep" area. With the successful conclusion of · Casting Extraordinary —— 2017 SOMNOPRO Group Autumn New Products Launching Conference, SOMNOPRO will keep its original intention in the future development, and continue to explore, so as to support every need for deep sleep.

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