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SOMNOPRO+ are linked with you at any time
PubDate:2016-03-22 author: admin

Deep quality sleep is right by your side

As a model reformer in the mattress industry, in November 2015, the Group adopted a new "Internet +" model to deeply integrate the Internet with the traditional mattress industry. The Group also vigorously launched its “SOMNOPRO+” strategy, expanded its innovative channels, developed intelligent products and released seven Internet innovation projects to creat a new chapter of intelligent home.

From March 21 to March 23, 2016, SOMNOPRO Group held the 2016 SOMNOPRO Spring Business Elite Meeting with its brands and global strategic partners at The Westin Guangzhou. During the three-day meeting, the Group and its partners explored in more depth the future development and planning of the SOMNOPRO+ Strategy.

The theme of this meeting was “ALL TO ALL”, which sounded like O2O, indicating that “SOMNOPRO+ is linked with you at anytime”. As another extension of the SOMNOPRO+ concept, it illustrated the SOMNOPRO+ strategy from a deeper level. Since the launching of the SOMNOPRO+ strategy four months ago,through the full efforts of SOMNOPRO employees, the seven projects have been progressed smoothly , providing unprecedented business opportunities for a variety of partners. At the scene, the Group witnessed the outstanding achievements of SOMNOPRO+ strategy with all other participants, and shared its latest development plan.

Mr. Chen Zhenzhou, General Manager of SOMNOPRO Group, elaborated in the press conference about the development of SOMNOPRO + strategy since it was released in last November.

50 Selfa将要上市

As a tester that can help users select mattresses according to the user's body, Selfa is expected to be launched this year. At the same time, SOMNOPRO Group will also introduce the SLZZP Town store management system and sleeper experience daily management as tools to create the grand SOMNOPRO home concept.

68265位““sleepers” participated in the event

Mr. Lai Tieyong, Senior Retail Director of SOMNOPRO Group, introduced the participation status of the entire festival. In particular, he invited a "sleeper" from Guangzhou to communicate and express her feelings about the event.

( Mr. Lai Tieyong (left); Honory sleeper Xuan Mom (right))

The event was not merely an offline activity, but a brand new attempt of SOMNOPRO. In the past, there was no connection among stores, shopping guides and consumers, but this action linked the enterprise with consumers through various social ways.

Final performance of the event: 21.5 million

Mr. Chen Zhenzhou and Mr. Lu Jun (General Manager of Shuike Net) jointly announced the final performance of "Sleep Action": 21.5 million. Let us remember this historic moment of SOMNOPRO.

(Mr. Chen Zhenzhou, General Manager of SOMNOPRO Group (left); Mr. Lu Jun, General Manager of Shuike Net (right))

Be together with all our efforts

The theme of this Spring Business Meeting is "ALL to ALL", which is another continuation of the "SOMNOPRO+" concept that concisely and directly tells the public that “SOMNOPRO+" will be linked with you at any time.

Led by the General Manager, the group executives and major media witnessed the brilliant achievements of SOMNOPRO. As an innovative model for the mattress industry, the Group has deeply integrated the Internet with the traditional mattress industry to develop intelligent products. The seven innovative projects were also steadily promoted under the guidance of "SOMNOPRO+" strategy, providing unprecedented business opportunities for all major partners.

"SOMNOPRO+" has undoubtedly become a new benchmark in the industry. The new form "anytime, anywhere, with enjoyment" e-commerce format has come into being in the mattress industry. It is certain that under such guidelines, the Group will bring more miracles for the development of China's mattress industry!

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